Class Assembly

Thank you so much to those who were able to come today, the children did a brilliant job and here’s a video of the performance for those who couldn’t make it (or want to see it again!). Apologies that some of the sound can be a little hard to hear but they were amazing.

Last week of term

As you know school doesn’t close until next Tuesday. We have some of the children’s work and a small token of the year to give to the kids, if you think you may not be in for those last two days please can you let us know so we can make sure you don’t miss out.

Also, if you’ve got any school books please can you put them in bookbags for us to collect.


Assembly Tomorrow

Hi all,

Even if you are part time for the second half of the week we would love you to join us tomorrow for our class assembly. If you are coming, please drop your child at Nursery at 9am and then head over to the Sports Hall where chairs will be set up for you to wait in. The assembly itself will be to KS1 children and parents, it should start at 9.30 and go on for (at most) 15-20 minutes. At the end you’ll get a chance to come and say hi to your child. If it’s more convenient for parents to take their child after the assembly (particularly those that leave at midday on Wednesday!) rather than coming back again you are very welcome but we will be having a normal day so we would obviously love to spend it with them.
Looking forward to hopefully seeing lots of you tomorrow,

Who’s in which class?

A couple of parents have been in touch asking who is in which class next year so they can arrange play dates with their new classmates. This seemed an excellent idea so we thought to help out we’d post the list of Nursery children and their new classes, so if you’re interested have a look below:

Juno Stanway Deckers
Lula Day
Kasey Monteiro
Isabel Rae
Gabriella Russ
Eliza Smith
Arthur Reed
Dash Ballard
Ezel Demirkopru
George Greenhall
Abdirahman Ismail

Nico Ballard
Betsy Baxter
Gaia Tramoni Crockett
Emily Parsons
Olive Jackson
Anna Magkiridis
Omar Yislam
Amadou Drame
Nobel Ghebrenugus
Giddy Wyborn
Benjamin Smith


Abigail Braganza
Luna Chapman
Alexea (Lexi) Lawrence Toney
Emmanuella Offordile
Catherine Powell
Ellis Freeman Walsh
Gabriel Isherwood Burt
Seddik Guesmi
Peter Harrison
Alastair Pickstone