Learning this week

In Nursery this week we are looking at shape and starting to learn about the different traditions and stories associated with Chinese New Year. Our home corner is turning into a Chinese Restaurant for the next few weeks and we are making lanterns to decorate it. We are also learning the story of how the different years of the zodiac got their names. Here is a link to a video we watched about Chinese New Year

For shape it would be great if you could try and point out different shapes in the environment e.g. look at the shape of that door, it has four sides, what could it be. Or look at that road sign which is a circle/triangle.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, Rosie


Have your say on the future of Lambeth children’s centres

Dear Parents,
Yesterday you may have noticed that you got home two booklets, one about the services available this term at the different children’s centres and one about the future of the children’s centres. Here is a bit more information:

Have your say on the future of Lambeth children’s centres

In addition to our two schools the Great North Wood Education Trust also manages three Lambeth children’s centres, providing a broad range of free activities and services for children under five and their families.

The government have reduced the amount of money that Lambeth can spend on children’s centres by £1.4 million and the council have put together a proposal detailing how they intend to make this saving whilst ensuring that children’s centre services are still accessible to families.

The current proposal includes reducing the number of core Lambeth children’s centres from 23 to 11, with 7 link centres (including Rosendale Children’s Centre) offering a more limited number of activities and 5 centres (including Cherry Tree Children’s Centre) no longer offering any children’s activities. There is no proposed change to the childcare services offered within our children’s centres.

We know many of you have accessed services within Lambeth children’s centres and are encouraging all local families to take part in Lambeth’s consultation process. You can do this online here or by picking up a Consultation Booklet from Rosendale Children’s Centre’s reception, completing the form inside and dropping it into the box provided.

The consultation will close at midnight on Sunday 10th February 2019.

Thank you for your support.